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The Mekong Delta is well-known for the symbol of 9 dragons, also famous for being the largest fruit basket in Vietnam. Visiting this interesting region, visitors not only enjoy the juicy fruits but also admire the majestic natural beauty of the West of Vietnam. Located in the southernmost region of the country. The West has 12 provinces and 1 city directly under the central government, including: Long An, Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Tra Vinh, Dong Thap, Hau Giang, Soc Trang, An Giang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, Kien Giang, and Can Tho city along with various small islands in Phu Quoc Island. Each province has its unique characteristics in terms of culture, cuisine, people, and the most iconic landscape.

To begin with, An Giang Province has poetic nature, historical relics, spiritual tourist attractions, and cultural interference between the ethnic Vietnamese – Chinese – Khmer – Cham. Arriving there, you will see how peaceful and familiar An Giang is. Makes people not willing to leave, going once is a lifetime lingering.

Coming to Dong Thap province, visitors will be able to see firsthand the peaceful, rustic beauty of the South with fertile rice fields, and fragrant lotus ponds of all colors, hear the chirping birds, and join in the beauty of nature. Immerse yourself in the space of Melaleuca flavor and enjoy special dishes made from lotus.

Especially, Tra Vinh province attracts tourists with its diverse natural landscape with a system of canals, canals, rivers, mangrove forests, many dunes, islets located between the Tien River – Hau River, and beautiful beaches running long, creating one-of-a-kind victories. Tra Vinh is also a long-standing land of three ethnic groups: Kinh, Khmer, and Hoa, so it has formed a multi-ethnic culture with many unique architectural works and traditional festivals taking place all year round. This is an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists who are interested in learning about cultural activities and spiritual festivals. Coconut wax dish is also a typical specialty in Tra Vinh that attracts all domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the unique flavors that cannot be found anywhere else.

Few provinces in the Mekong Delta region still retain the unspoiled natural landscape and rural villages like Hau Giang province. The highlight of Hau Giang is the rich gardens with fruit trees all year round, and the immense rice fields, the Hau Giang people are generous, kind, gentle, and hospitable. Coming to Hau Giang, visitors will admire the peaceful and fresh countryside, experience the life of the local people, and enjoy the local wind…

Next, Kien Giang province is a land known as a miniature version of beautiful Vietnam. From plains, mountains, forests of all kinds, rivers to borders, sea, and islands… all converge in this place, creating a very interesting, unique, and unique natural landscape. Coming to Kien Giang, the southwesternmost strip of the country, visitors will have interesting experiences and see first-hand the beauty of the famous landscapes of this land.

Tien Giang province is located in the Tien River area, the gateway to the Southwest region. with charming river landscapes, diverse ecosystems, many cultural and historical relics, along with a sincere, soulful lifestyle and traditional cultural activities typical of Southern residents … have created a special feature. Unique identity for Tien Giang tourism.

Ben Tre province has deep green coconut groves, luxuriant fruit gardens, many traditional craft villages, and many cultural-historical relics, and people are kind and hospitable. Coming to Ben Tre, visitors can not only admire the beautiful natural scenery, and enjoy delicious fruits but also have the opportunity to experience the peaceful life in the western region.

Vinh Long province is known as the land of “sacred people’s masterpieces”, rich in revolutionary traditions, and preserving many unique cultural and historical relics. Nature also favors Vinh Long with a mild climate all year round, fertile soil, and four seasons of fresh green fruit trees… making a difference, its attraction to attract visitors. Coming to Vinh Long, visitors can immerse themselves in the river and garden and become family members to discover the culture, customs, and habits of the local people….

In Long An Province, travelers will experience the fresh air from the immense melaleuca forests and enjoy the fragrant smell and the beautiful beauty of the immense lotus fields. Visiting ancient houses, lush orchards all year round, and immense rice fields in the two rivers Vam Co Dong… creating a peaceful, cool, and rich picture.

Bac Lieu province attracts all visitors with valuable human resources. Bac Lieu people are gentle, and hospitable, and have a liberal lifestyle typical of the South. When it comes to tourism in Bac Lieu, people often remember the anecdote of the prince of Bac Lieu, remember the sweet and deep sweet melody of:’’ Dan Ca Tai Tu’’,… This land also has resonance and interference with culture and architecture. Traditional beliefs and festivals of 3 ethnic groups Kinh – Hoa – Khmer, all have created Bac Lieu a very interesting mark.

Soc Trang province, located at the end of the Hau River, has many advantages from nature, fertile land, favorable climate, a garden ecosystem with many kinds of fruit trees, and a lush green river landscape, rich… Besides, Soc Trang is also the residence of three ethnic groups Vietnam-Hoa-Khmer, with their own cultural and culinary features, which have formed Soc Trang’s unique and attractive cultural, festival, and culinary features. International travelers.

Ca Mau Province is a land of natural resources, which has a strong attraction to tourists because of its different geographical location – the country’s southernmost point. This place is favored by nature as a land of many shrimps and fishes, forests, and mangrove ecosystems, flooded with freshwater … along with the unique cultural features of the ethnic groups living together to create richness. cultural diversity. In addition, the people of Ca Mau are generous, gentle, friendly, and very hospitable, making great tour guides, and leaving a deep impression in the hearts of tourists near and far.

Finally, Can Tho city is the largest city in the Mekong Delta, where there are many beautiful landscapes, historical sites, and attractive spiritual tourist attractions. Traveling to Can Tho, you not only discover a typical Western city but also have the opportunity to learn about the typical cultural features associated with the river and garden as well as the gentle and hospitable character of the people. Southern. Besides, you also have the opportunity to enjoy many delicious dishes with specialties of the West.

Generally, Western Tourism stands out for its flying stork-winged rice fields, green canals, fruit-laden orchards, honest, hospitable people, and unique culinary culture that will surely bring unforgettable memories during their vacation.

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